Hello my name is Danielle and am the founder of Everlasting Events!

I would love to help you plan your special day. I specialize in the highest quality for the lowest price. My mission is not to take every last dollar from you, but to help you with your event while not breaking the bank.

When I was getting married I hated it when people quoted me thousands of dollars for a wedding planner, it broke my heart. I needed help on my special occasion and all people wanted to do was charge me the equivalent of my entire wedding budget. So, I ended up doing everything myself. And while it did turn out beautiful and everything I ever wanted, it was stressful to do alone. That's why I want to help!

I've planned weddings, family reunions, corporate parties, banquets, and a few smaller events as well. I've worked in catering, event staffing and in a business office, so I know how to work fast and efficiently! But I love the excitement of putting together an event and blowing my clients away with the results. That's why I am in event planning.
I can't wait to hear from you! I hope we can work together and make this day everything you've been waiting for!